Rawlab Spring 2015 - Lets hack!

On the weekend of the 27th of March - 29nd of March, DatorSektionen will hold its biannual LAN-party, Rawlab. Rawlab takes place on campus, in the school of engineering, and is open for everyone! Previous semesters' events have been a blast, and we are very happy to welcome you to this semester's edition.

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Rawlab begins Friday afternoon, and lasts until noon on Sunday. During the 42 hours that the LAN-party is open, we play games, watch movies, hack a bunch of code, and watch and learn about all kinds of computer stuff from each other. This is a great event to attend if you want to get to know other computer interested people, if you want to learn about computers and operating systems (we've got quite a few Linux enthusiasts), or if you just want to chill out and grab frags in Quake.

If we can get hold of some consoles (Nintendo, PlayStation, you name it) there's also a good chance of some widescreen (as in wide-as-a-barn-door projector screen) multiplayer gaming.

When and where?

Starting time: March 27th, 18:00
End time: March 29nd, 12:00
Location: E1217 , School of Engineering

What do I need?

Apart from a computer and a good mood, you will need to bring along:

We will provide each attendant with one network port on one of our switches, and one power outlet. You'll have to bring along wiring to connect to the power and network ports.

Apart from this, you may want to bring along:

We've never had any problems with theft or things breaking or going missing during previous Rawlabs, but please note that we can take no responsibility for any items you choose to bring along with you.

Network information

(All network specifics are preliminary and subject to change)

IT-service at the University will provide a 1 Gbps connection to SUNET, the Swedish University Network. The network will use static adressing, in dnlabs subnet. Each user will be assigned an adress, and will sign a written guarantee that s/he will only use this IP adress during the duration of the LAN. The attendant also guarantees that s/he will observe the terms of conduct of Jönköping University, as well as DatorSektionen. Once we've gotten this written guarantee on paper, the firewall will be opened for outbound connections from this IP-adress.


There's a few ground rules which we need to abide by to be able to use the University's resources. These are basically common sense and self-evident. Breaking any of these rules may be grounds for eviction.